Welcome, come on inside. It will probably rain again today as it has foremost of the week. The rivers are up and without the same on the Boise river parts of Boise would be flooded. I have coffee, several types of tea and a lovely strawberry tort to much on. My husband too this picture this week from the bedroom window.

Spring arrived with a BANG! Friday. Coming back from shopping we saw our first flowering pear tree in bloom.

We drove around the neighborhood and found the following in bloom.

Trees I can see from my apartment are starting to leaf out. By next week the pear trees should be in bloom.

Monday, I saw my eye doctor. Age-related  macular degeneration has started in my eyes. He suggested I used PrserVision twice a day. It is an over-counter-medicine. It is too early to really know but I feel my eyesight is better. I have links to a couple of places for hearing aides help that I need to check out.



I have been able to read more this week. ARCs for 




April 1 DARK AS MY FUR  by For Clea S. Simon

FALSE FIRE by Veronica Heley

FRAMED AND BURNING  by Lisa Brunette

Other books:


BEL OF THE BRAWL by Maggie McConnon

FALSE CHARITY  by Veronica Heley


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Spring has arrived

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Sunday Alita and myself went to the annual cat show at the Idaaho Fairgrounds. It was held in the small animal building. As cats shows go it is a small one. I wanted to go to one for some time. It is very similar to a dog show. The main difference is dogs we bought to the ring  on leashes and tre cats were caged except when in the ring.

As we enter the show on one side we found.

Across the isle

And cats for adoption.

It is two day show and we were there Saturday afternoon. There are three rings and judging was going in all the rings at the same time. The cats are bench while waiting to be judge.

Here are some cats we saw in the benches.

The building was crowded and it was difficult to move around. I was able to find a place to sit my wallet down and watch one of the judges. Between each cat she would use a disinfectant on her hand and table. The cages were disinfected between each cat. Every cat was given an examination and ribbons were award at that time.

We did get to watch one of the other judges for awhile.

I would have like to spend more time at the show.  It was a fun and enjoyablt outing. Some other cats we saw. These two were waiting to be judge.

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DOUBLE UP By Gretchen Archer


Double up a play on words. Twin babies! I had trouble getting into the story at first because of all commotion of the smart house. Davis Way is having problems leaving her twin girls. The Bellissimo is about to go belly up because of the nearby casino. Bea Crawford, her ex-mother-in-law shows unexpected. Davis puts her to work as a corporate spy. This doesn’t work very good causing few more problems.Will David managed to save the Bellissimo and her home? I recommend this book and series.

Disclosure: I received a free copy from Henery Press for an honest review. I would like to thank for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions expressed are my own.

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HONEST TO DOG By Neil Plakcy


This adventure of Steve Vitan and Rochester is more of a novel with a tinge of mystery Rick introduces Steve to his friend Doug who is going through a bitter divorce. Doug asks Steve to use his computer skills to answer some of his questions about his new job. A short time later Doug is found dead and his death is considered suicide voiding the insurance policy. There are several families get together. Lily and Steve are settling into a good relationship. Rochester is necessary to add humor to the story. I recommend this series.

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Product Details

I have read this series and feel each book is an improvement over the last, both in the editorial areas and the story. Rochester is I’ll and Steve Levitan arrives to find the vets in turmoil. Some drugs are missing. After a wait, Rochester is seen and Steve becomes friendly with a vet tech. This book is more of a novel than a mystery. Lol moves into Steve’s home. Rochester visits a retirement home several times. There are several unexpected deaths of the residents. The vet tech is suspected of stealing the drugs and is fired. Steve tries to help the vet using his computer skills legally. How do these differences join together? Will Steve and Rochester finds answers to prevent the elderly residents’ death. I recommend this book and series.

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It is finely nice out so let’s take a short walk around the area and see if there are any special birds out. We will notice that some of the trees have buds on them but most are still dead looking. No plants are poking the through the ground. That was a nice walk so let’s select coffee or tea and there are some banana chocolate cupcakes to much. NOTE:Β WordPress is not working well this morning.

I want to share with you my geranium. I brought the plant three years ago. It has bloom almost continually sixth a blossom or two. This week it is full of flowers.

I am still not feeling to well but the UIT is much better. MyΒ brotherΒ took to CostcoΒ this week for the hearing test. I have a moderate to severe hearing lost. I failed word test. Heading will help but it is not the answer. I didn’t order the hearing aides as the technician refused to cast the plaster molds. He said my ears had to much was in them and I need to see a Hearing, EyeΒ Β and Throat doctor to have them cleam. My ears had been cleaned two weeks earlier. He had a doctor in mind. The test really knocked me out. I had a bad headache and eye problem the next day. It also brought about some bad childhood memories, I had thought I had handled.Β 

IΒ am lookingΒ forwardΒ  going to the Boise Cat Show. I hope to get pictures so I can share. Kato will not be going for a couple of reasons.

Β I have been working on a blog about Gluten Intolerance. There is so much new information on the internet that I am going to rewrite it. More information can be found @


IΒ have been so upset thisΒ week, I have not had much time to read and behind in Goodreads reading challenge. I am behind about 4 books. What time I have had has been reading my ARC for April. There are some excellent books coming out this spring.Β 

March 21

DOUBLE UP by Gretchen Archer

DOG HAVE MERCY by Neil Plakcy


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NO WAY HOME By Annette Dashofy


I have been a vivid friend of this series since book one. I was not disappointed and feel the series keeps getting better. The writing will put you into rural Pennsylvania and in this book into New Mexico. Zoe Chambers is getting ready for a group ride when a lone horse returns to the barn. Zoe organized a search party and finds a county commissioner dead. It appears he was buck off his horse when the horse was spooked by a gunshot. There are abnormal tracts that Zoe notice. However, before she can investigate, her friend, Rose’s son is missing in New Mexico and his girlfriend is found murdered. Zoe and Rose fly to New Mexico to help in the search for the missing lad. Back home Police Chief, Sam Adams not only has the murder of the commissioner but a sudden series of death by meth and heroin overdoses. The different cases are brought to together superbly for one tale. Evidence begins to suggest that the villain in both places is the same person. Learning this person is out to kill Zoe, he flies to New Mexico to help save her. The ending will surprise you. I am looking forward to the next adventure. I highly recommend this book and series. Disclosure: I received a free copy from Henery Press for an honest review. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions expressed are my own.

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CRUEL WINTER By Sheila Connolly


Maura Donavan and friends are snow bound at Sullivan Pub. They have warmth and food. Among the group is Diane Caldwell, she is not accepted by the patrons. Maura wonders why and soon learns that Diane is the major suspect in a 20-year-old murder. She was never arrested or convicted of the murder but public opinion has assumed her guilt. Maura convinced Diane to share her story with the group. Will those snowbound convict Diane or find another candidate. I highly recommend this book.

Disclosure: I received a free copy from Crooked Lanes Books through NetGalley for an honest review. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions expressed are my own.

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Although predictable in portions, this is an excellent historical novel set during World WarTwo during the battle for Britain. Lord Westerham has five daughters. One daughter decided to stay in Paris because of her lover. One daughter works as a code detector. A family friend Ben Cresswell is working covet operations. The son of the neighboring land owner is a daredevil and was shot down over Germany and prisoner of war. One morning an evacuated child finds a body of a parachute man on the grounds of Farleigh. He is soon joined by the youngest daughter. Together they report to her Father. The authorities begin a search for why a German spy would be sent to the area. So is the Germany spy? Why Farleigh? I recommend this book. I received a free copy from Berkley Publishing through NetGalley for an honest review. I would like to thank for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions expressed are my own.

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